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About Us

Redhill Grange is a small private housing area of just under 400 homes and located approximately a mile and a half north of the centre of Wellingborough and half a mile south of the village of Great Harrowden.

The area was first developed in the late 1960s and has grown slowly to its present size over the past 38 years. Presently the area has a pleasant semi rural situation, bordered fields and small woodlands.

However in 2006 a speculative property development was announced by Bee Bee Developments which planned for the construction of some 4,000 homes, surrounding Redhill Grange.

In November 2006 the residents of Redhill Grange formed the Redhill Grange Community Association to respond to Bee Bee Developments proposals and provide a platform for residents to voice their concerns.

The aims of the Association as published in our constitution are as follows.

''The aim of the Association is to provide a forum for the residents of Redhill Grange. To keep them informed of matters that may affect them. To represent them at meetings and report back. The main objective is to try to preserve the environment and improve the quality of life of the residents living there.''

In November 2007 Bee Bee Developments submitted a planning application to the Wellingborough Borough Council ( Application WP2007/7050) for the construction of Upper Redhill, a development of 3,000 homes which would surround Redhill Grange.

Included in the proposals are two 'local centres' and a 'Neighbourhood Centre' adjacent to the west side of Redhill Grange with retail units, a 50 bed hotel, offices and appartment blocks.

In February 2008 Bee Bee Developments submitted a second and identical planning application to the Wellingborough Borough Council ( Application WP2008/0150) for the Upper Redhill development. This second application was again submitted in August 2008. In October 2008 the Developers submitted revisions to the previous appliactions.

The Association, together with numerous residents of Redhill Grange oppose these planning applications.

Up to date information on the progress of these applications and the Association's response can be found by going to the Breaking News section or by clicking here


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