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December 2008

News Letters

Annual General Meeting

Our second Annual General Meeting was held at the Redwell Leisure Centre on Tuesday 18th November 2008. The attendance figures are shown below.

Road Name No. Attended
Appleby Close 18
Fallowfield 20
Gilbey Close 2
Holme Close 1
Grange Road 5
Oak View 5
The Banks 5
The Downs 1
The Fairway 1
The Glade 3
The Meadows 1
The Pastures 2
Totals 64

The attendance represented an increase of over 39% on last year and all roads on the estate were represented.

The Starters

Hemmingwell Safer Community Team: Police Community Support Officer Chris Howard opened his talk by saying that another PCSO it to soon join the Team, which would mean that it's strength would be 2 PCs and 2 PCSOs, this will enable them to provide a better coverage of the area. He reported that there had been a further reduction in reported crime in the area over the last year, the biggest drop being in inappropriate vehicle use, 46%.

He said that in the "door knock" strategy on the estate, they had covered The Banks and Fallowfield and would cover Grange Road next.

Chris concluded his talk by saying that they were to target vehicle nuisance, specifically off road motor cycles and speeding along Redhill Way. He also warned residents to lock their doors as there had been an increase in burglaries in other parts of Wellingborough where entrance had been gained through an unlocked door.

Chris answered questions on graffiti, cars for sale on the roundabout and illegal activities taking place at the end of Redhill Way. He again stressed that PCSOs do the most good when they are visible on the beat and are able to talk to residents.

Wellingborough North: Borough Council of Wellingborough Corporate Director James Wilson pointed out that the Government's Growth Agenda required 12,800 new dwellings to be built in Wellingborough by 2021. Existing plans fell short of this figure, which meant that 3,000 dwellings would need to be built North of Wellingborough to achieve the total.

Referring to Bee Bee Developments' Upper Redhill planning application, James stated that although it had been submitted in advance of the Council's Site Specific Proposals Development Plan Document, such a Master Plan led approach was allowed under the Government approved Core Spatial Strategy for the area. Mr Wilson continued that the responses to the initial and further submission notification letters, sent to all those who would be affected by the proposals, were being considered.

Concluding, James said that in order to give guidance to the Full Council meeting on 25th November 2008, which was due to determine the application, an interim policy proposal had been prepared. However, the meeting has now been cancelled because some major issues had yet to be resolved and would not be resolved until the early part of the New Year.

BCoW Planning Policy Manager Mike Haybyrne spoke about the background to the development of Wellingborough North, mentioning the Government's Sustainable Communities Plan, the Milton Keynes and South Midlands Sub-Regional Strategy and the coming together of the local authorities to form the North Northants Joint Planning Unit and Joint Committee, which resulted in the North Northants Core Spatial Strategy policy document.

Finally, Mike stated that the Council had looked at the merits of all possible areas for further expansion, including the further expansion of Stanton Cross, but had concluded that North of Wellingborough was the only possible option, particularly as it was included in the Core Spatial Strategy.

James and Mike had to cope with many questions from the meeting, including points about noise, why the 90 metre contour was selected as the upper boundary of the guidance document, the effect of the development crossing Civil Parish boundaries, inequability of Great Harrowden being given a strategic gap and not Redhill Grange, lack of consultation with Redhill Grange, the unattractive nature of the town centre, lack of infrastructure, lack of funding, compensation, guarantees given to purchasers of plots of land and the totally inaccurate paragraphs about Redhill Grange contained in the guidance document; the latter statement resulting in spontaneous applause from the meeting.

The Business

Minutes of the Last AGM: The Honorary Secretary read out the minutes of the last AGM. Ray Line proposed that they be accepted as a true record of the meeting and this was seconded by Sarah Lammin.

Chairman's Review: The Chairman reviewed the last year, initially pointing out that one of the main achievements was the setting up of the Association's web site by Graham Mower, who had been co-opted onto the Committee as Webmaster. Members of the Committee had attended meetings with Bee Bee Developments, Peter Bone MP, BCoW Corporate Director James Wilson and members of the Planning Team and the BCoW Development Committee.

Richard continued that the Committee had held 10 meetings and had organised residents responses to the initial Upper Redhill planning application, WP/2007/0750, and ensured with the BCoW that those responses were carried over to the second duplicate planning application WP/2008/0150. To keep residents informed, 5 Newsletter had been issued and delivered to all 395 addresses on the estate as well as various leaflets. Arrangements were made with the ET for an article and photo to appear in the paper and they had also printed several letters from the Association.

Richard concluded by saying that the Association had joined the National Organisation of Residents Association in order to benefit from the information on common issues that their members provide.

Treasurer's Review: The Treasurer reported that the Association's income had come from two sources, our successful application for a grant from the BCoW Annual Revenue Grants for Voluntary Organisations fund and the donation of the balance of the funds of the dormant Appleby Close Action Group.

Sarah pointed out that essential expenditure consisted of NORA membership fee, web site set up costs and printing costs. The only extravagance was the cost of rail fares to attend a meeting with the National House and Planning Advisory Unit; we felt that it would be useful to meet the people who were advising the Government on future house building needs.

Sarah predicted that the basis expenditure for next year would be similar to this year but two capital projects were being considered; an Association notice board and the clearing of the bed of the ancient track way/drover's road to the west of the estate to make it into an amenity for residents. Again it was hoped that our second application for a BCoW grant to cover this expenditure would be successful.
Sarah concluded by referring the meeting to the copy of the Accounts in the Sign In packs and asked for their acceptance by a show of hands; they were approved unanimously.

Upper Redhill Planning Application: The Chairman reported that the Association's plans to make representations to all the Borough Councillors and to address the 25th November 2008 Full Council meeting, which was due to determine the application, have had to be put on hold as the result of the cancellation of the meeting. Future action will depend on what moves the BCoW or BBD make next.

A resident made the point that any building planned to be adjacent to the Finedon Road industrial estate would be adversely affected by the industry there and it would be an inappropriate site for, say, a school.

Discussion Time: The Chairman referred the meeting to the mandate given to the Committee at the last AGM, i.e. that it should totally concentrate it's efforts on opposing Bee Bee Developments' Upper Redhill planning application, and asked if this mandate still applied; the meeting signalled their general agreement.

A resident referred to the item in the ET that stated that Anglian Water was expecting existing customers to contribute to the costs of updating their facilities to cope with the new developments. The meeting considered that this was unacceptable and the Secretary was instructed to write to Anglian Water to ask for a definitive statement on the matter.

Election Time: The Secretary referred to the Nominations List for the new committee contained in the Sign In pack and pointed out that, as there were less than 10 names put forward, an election would not be necessary. The List was unanimously approved as follows:-

Richard Lovett - Appleby Close
Mike Chislett - Appleby Close
Sarah Lammin - The Downs
Richard Fraiel - The Meadows
Sue Suttle The Banks
Trevor Tippet Oak View
Ian Brown The Glade
Stuart Farrar-Hayton The Banks
Hayley Tippet Oak View

Mike pointed out that there was one vacancy on the Committee and asked for any resident who would like to fill it to contact him.

To Finish

Our MP's Campaign: The Chairman reported that Peter Bone MP had sent an apology that neither he nor his aide were able to attend the meeting but that he hoped to meet residents at his meeting at the Redwell Leisure Centre at 7:30 p.m. on Friday 28th November 2008.

Councillor Graham Lawman: Graham urged residents to respond to a wide range of issues; Guiding Lights leaflet, Town Centre Area Action Plan, NCC's Place Survey, the Smart Water offer, support for the Carnival Committee and the Older Persons forum on improvements to the town centre. He also said that residents were welcome to speak at Council Committee meetings and urged them to do so.

Graham also reported other activities; The Christmas lights turn on would be on 29th November 2008, action was being taken on cars for sale on the roundabout, a community use was being sought for the plot of land opposite the Ock n' Dough and the farmer was being consulted about fencing off the end of the Redhill Way to discourage the illegal activities taking place there.

Graham concluded by pointing out that maintenance of the land around the Silver Ladies was a County Council responsibility and stressed that Councillors were insisting that brownfield sites should be developed first and that infrastructure should come before development.

In answer to questions Graham said; that his Councillors money was earmarked for improvement of a cross roads and a possible Notice Board for Redhill Grange, BCoW had bought a new machine for removing graffiti and would find out just how many homes had been built on brownfield sites and how many of those homes were actually occupied.

Finally, a resident asked about the representation of resident's interest by our local Councillors, pointing out that one Councillor in particular claimed a conflict of interests when approached about a local matter. Graham responded by saying that the resident could be assured that he was making his voice fully heard in the process.

The Close: The Chairman thanked residents for their attendance and closed the meeting at 10:05 p.m.


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