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December 2016

News Letters

At the 2016annual meeting, Chairman, Richard Lovett assured 29 residents attending that although Committee was keeping an eye on the amendments and changes to the plans nothing recently had warranted a big campaign. The developers had requested to commence Phase 1 in two parts as 1A along Niort Way, meeting one of our grievances by moving the community centre to that site.for exploratory work alongside Niort Way. He read out an article from the Northants Telegraph announcing the fact that these same developers, once known as Bee Bee and several previous company titles since, had been declared bankrupt building Priors Hall at Corby. Only a thousand of the proposed houses completed and without a school and other promised facilities.
, Greg York disgusted by the concessions afforded these developers, suggested Council obtain a Bond, a signed agreement in respect of Phase 3 land, the majority of which is owned by the Borough.
, Ian Brown, thanked the residents for their donation of 41 last year. The website renewal fee causing a loss of 2, left 84 in the bank at the end of the year.
prepared to stand for the coming year the current committee were re-elected en bloc.
speaker Cllr. Lora Lawman began by outlining the course of events leading to this development, from John Prescott flying over land speculating in his helicopter which gave rise to the Milton Keynes & South Midlands Development Plan to the Borough Council refusing planning permission. She explained the limitations of Borough Council within the law; that anyone can apply for planning permission on land they do not own, but not build on. It appeared to favour developers, from land hording to the presentation of two applications so that declining the first sends the second straight to Government appeal which is what had occurred. In spite of the range of opposition, after the Public Inquiry Council were forced to agree to the plans and subsequent alterations permitted under the Town and Country Planning Act. Adding there was still time for slight negotiation, she advised residents to communicate concerns direct with her as a member of the Councillor panel for Borough development. the developers use of an exploratory work license to completely clear along Niort Way and that the subject of peak time traffic queues along there had already been raised with County Council. A resident suggested the Section 106 agreement be bank bonded, before any development begins. To concerns regarding solvency of public land purchasers and the safeguards in place, residents were advised that company checks were made by the Council Officer responsible before signing.
Graham Lawman then spoke on other events within the Borough, rebuilding of the category C prison for 1600 inmates, the multi-faith crematorium opened in September with such bereavement services as a video link connection for overseas relatives with screens either side of the room. He invited support for the newly Council owned Castle Theatre after previous substantial sponsorship and visiting Chester Farm, via Claudius Way off the A45 developing as an important heritage site in the county. Rushden Lakes also scheduled to be open by Summer-Autumn 2017.
comments were invited on crime issues for the new crime commissioner seminars with councillors.
raised the question of the missing X4 Kettering bus shelter and foliage strewn pathway leading to it, as well as the graffiti in the underpass. Contact to be made with the County Council.


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