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February 2013

News Letters

Residents' Association AGM in November
60 residents attended the meeting to discover the latest position regarding development around the estate and for response to recent communications received from Council Planning Officers over the previous two months.

Bee Bee Development, aka Midtown Capital Ltd. (the London based property company which gave rise to Bee Bee) Northants LLP produced the Design Code for Phase One for consultation last Autumn. Two representatives from the Residents' Committee were invited to attend the Stakeholder meeting. Comments referred to siting and layout of community retail buildings the greatest density of housing adjacent to the Kettering Road and accessibility to Phase 1 from the A509 and Niort Way, to include a new school site.
General comments on lack of infrastructure etc. were applicable to the later Reserved Matters document.

As you know the previous Government granted permission for 1500 homes before the new road improvement, although Council retain the access required and the majority of land for Phase 3, east of Redhill Grange estate, scheduled by developers for more housing and a further school.

The outline planning permission expired on 23rd February 2013. Planning Committee granted a two year extension of this on 19th December including the Design Code, in the absence of the Council held access land. to avoid a further Public Inquiry Reserved Matters have yet to be produced for consultation which cover many of the wider points residents may wish to raise.
Committee would like to thank residents for their supportat the last Resource Committee meeting, on 6th February when Agenda Item 4 - 'Council to agree meeting developers to discuss sale of land' - was voted, to be deferred until September. The minutes for this are now on the Borough website.

Thank you again...
Thank you to all those who attended the AGM and voluntarily contributed to Association funds to ensure it continues. The Treasurer advised this raised £119.60. and will cover printing costs as well as the website over the coming year.
Thanks to our Councillor B. Patel RGCA have also been able to apply for further grant funding which it is hoped will be accepted.

Neighbourhood/Community Council
Application had been made in the past year for RGCA to become a Neighbourhood Comunnity Council, similar to that of a Parish Council, which is self funding and under which members are elected by the residents. Ow­ing to the County bounddry changes currently considered, this has been shelved for a further two years. Our thanks however to those residents who were able to e­mail their response to this within the time scale allowed.
The boundary changes are scheduled to combine Redhill Grange with Earls Barton. County Council elections in May will give residents the opportunity to vote for the local candidate they wish to represent the Earls Barton Division of which Redhill Grange will be a part.

Rushden Lakes Development
The most recent notice through doors has been from our NIP Peter Bone and relates to the proposed retail leisure complex on the derelict Skew Bridge site adjacent to the A45 at Rushden.
At the presentation for this it was evident that it could enhance and connect to the Borough Council's desired eastern development of Stanton Cross, which is now progressing More details of Rushden Lakes can be found on LXB Retail Properties plc website by clicking on 'Investment Portfolio' and Rushden Lakes.

Notice Board and RGCA website
We are grateful to our Ward Councillor Graham Lawman for the notice board, where residents are able to view any important announcements inbetween newsletters.

Committee are also happy to display notices on behalf of residents for other events providing these are put into the mail box at
8 The Banks and not stuck on the outside cover of the board. Size A5 notices can be displayed any time or A4 in the absence of RGCA community notices, as the information on Borough Councillors and MP, must be available at all times.
We are pleased to have sufficient funds for the Redhill Grange website, which continues to maintain its original position at the top of the listings at This is a further, notice board which is regularly updated.
If any self-employed residents of Redhill Grange would like to advertise trade or services for the benefit of other residents on the website would they contact for more details.


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