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January 2008

News Letters

Planning Application WP/2007/0750

By now you should have received a letter from Mr O Duyile of the Borough Council of Wellingborough advising you that they have now received the Outline Planning Application for the Upper Redhill (Wellingborough North) development.

If you have not received a copy of this letter then please let Mike know and he will provide you with a copy.

The application was submitted on the 19 th November 2007 by David Lock Associates in the name of Northants Limited Liability Partnership, which is part of Bee Bee Developments.

The Application

The Application contains a significant amount of detail and it can be viewed at Croyland Abbey or on the Borough Council web site, see the details later.

However to make viewing the Application easier for you, the Residents Association have arranged:-

1. For the Council to lodge a paper copy with Mike for you to look at by prior arrangement.
2. A copy of the 221 documents involved on DVD, which Mike will copy for you if you provide him with a DVD+R disk and your address.

Alternatively, copies of the application (excluding the Environmental Statement) can be purchased from the Borough Council at a cost of £5.

Copies of the Environmental Statement can only be purchased from Wardell Armstrong at £250 for a paper copy and £25 for a cd.

Making Sense of the Application

There are over 200 documents listed on the Borough Council web site and they have been entered in random order. To understand the application the documents should be viewed in the following order:-

Design and Access Statement
Planning Statement
Non-Technical Summary of Environmental Statement
Transport Assessment

These should then be followed by the supporting documents. The phasing documents are of particular Interest :-

EIA 4.7 Phase 1
EIA 4.8 Phase 2
EIA 4.9 Phase 3
Response to the Application

We are advised that individual responses are better than joint responses which in turn are better than petitions.

The Committee’s advice therefore is that all residents who want to respond to the application should do so by individual letter or by individual submission on the Borough Council’s web site.

Response Timings

Mr O Duyile’s letter states that responses should be received within 21 days of the 8 January 2008, the date of his letter.

However, pursuing a final date with the Council produced the following response: -

It’s difficult to give such a (final) date as it will depend on statutory consultees and whether they issue a direction in respect of the application. I don't think at this stage you will  be able to give (your residents) any further date but it is more than likely not to be resolved within the statutory 21 day period.”

Response Details

You may want to formulate you own response to the application and, in many ways, this is to be encouraged as each response will be different.

If you would prefer to take the Committee’s advice, then this will be issued as a Newsletter after the next Committee meeting on the 10 th January 2008.

First Impressions

The application has been very professionally prepared by the consultants employed by Bee Bee Developments as follows:-

David Lock Associates - Design Team Leaders
Access - Colin Buchanan
Environmental Team - Wardell Armstrong
Green Infrastructure - Lockhart Garratt Ltd
Landscape Design - Landart Limited

There are however flaws in both the data presented, the conclusions drawn and the resulting layout proposed; these need to be identified as secondary arguments against the proposals.

A worrying aspect is that the development is to take place in three phases, which will take 10 years to complete.

Primary Arguments

The primary arguments against the planning application appear to be strong:-

It has been submitted in advance of the conclusions to be drawn by the Examination in Public of the Core Spatial Strategy for North Northamptonshire.

It overrides Northamptonshire County Council’s approved plan for the extension of the Isham bypass to Wellingborough.

The infrastructure to support it is not yet in place.

There is no supermarket or petrol filling station in the plan so the cars of residents of 3,000 properties will add to the already congested road system.

To View the Application

The application can be viewed on the Borough Council web site by first entering the following URL into you web browser :

Note: You will need an Adobe reader to view the application details. If your computer does not have the necessary software then there is an option on this screen to download it.

On the screen displayed, click on Planning Applications and from the options displayed click on Application Search.

Note: If a spurious application is displayed at this point it will be necessary to exit the search and try again later.

In the reference number box on the screen displayed enter
WP/2007/0750 and then click on Search.

The resulting screen will display the Application Details. Click on
WP/2007/0750 to display the supporting documents.

Beware; some of these files are quite large and will take some time to download so a degree of patience is required.

How do we contact Mike you ask?

Mike Chislett – Vice Chairman and Acting Secretary can be contacted by :-

Calling at 4 Appleby Close
Telephoning 01933 676332

Some Committee News

Applicants for the Officer vacancies are:

Chair - Richard Lovett - Appleby Close
Vice Chair – Sue Suttle – The Banks
Hon. Secretary - Mike Chislett – Appleby Close
Hon. Treasurer - Sarah Lammin – The Downs
In the absence of any further applicants, these will be confirmed at the meeting on 10 th January 2008.
Other Committee Members are:
Gerry Grey - Fallowfield
Neil Kipling – The Downs
Richard Fraiel – The Meadows
Francoise Fraiel – The Meadows
Trevor Tippet – Oak View

RGCA Web Site

Graham Mower of Fallowfield has been co-opted to the Committee as Webmaster. Graham has produced a preliminary design with five options; Home Page, About Us, The Committee, Bee Bee Developments and Image Gallery.
Graham has also registered the domain names and for us so watch out for more news about his progress.

Visit to Bee Bee Developments

A visit to Bee Bee Developments at their Colpmans Farm premises has been provisionally arranged for 21 st January 2008, for, among other things, to meet Heneage Stevenson and Vittorio Davico, who are now our contacts following the departure of Mark Conway.

Borough Councillors
It would also be a good idea to let our Borough Councillors know what you think:

Councillor Graham Lawman
Tel: 01933 679221
Councillor Bhupendra (Bob) Patel
Tel: 01933 673887
Councillor Malcolm Waters
Tel: 01933 674576

Although not directly involved, you might also keep our County Councillor informed:
Councillor James Ashton
Tel: 01933 679405


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