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July 2007

News Letters

Update on Wellingborough North

When we met at the Redwell Leisure Centre on 23rd November 2006 we had just been made aware of Bee Bee Development’s plan to build 4,000 homes around Redhill Grange and we were informed that that they planned to submit an outline planning application to the Borough Council of Wellingborough in February 2007.

On this basis it seemed essential that we form a residents association to give a co-ordinated response to this application and, as a result, a committee was selected and the Redhill Grange Community Association was formed.

In the event BBD did not, and have still not, submitted that application; which is why you have heard nothing from the committee as we have had nothing to co-ordinate.

The Whys and Wherefores

What has deterred Bee Bee from seeking outline planning permission, as they intended, is open to speculation. We would like to think that part of the reason is that they underestimated the opposition that they would encounter from associations like ourselves. They did, after all, have a rough ride when they presented their plans at the Redwell Councillors surgery and also when they met the committee.

Another reason is possibly that without getting their plans incorporated into the North Northamptonshire Core Spatial Strategy there would be little chance of the Borough Council of Wellingborough approving their application. More about the Core Spatial Strategy later.

Pulse Park

In December 2006 Bee Bee held a little publicised Public Consultation of their Pulse Park development, which was to be a hi-tech business park sited roughly to the East of the golf club and A509 at Great Harrowden and to the West of the railway.

Where do Bee Bee go from here?

Neither the Wellingborough North nor the Pulse Park developments were incorporated into the Core Spatial Strategy and Bee Bee has put a lot of effort in attempting to correct that via the Public Examination phase. They could even make moves outside the Core Spatial Strategy so as a committee we must still be vigilant and continue to monitor events.
Core Spatial Strategy for North Northants

The Government’s plans for the East Midlands were detailed in it’s Regional Spatial Strategy 8 document, which identified North Northamptonshire as a growth area. As a result a North Northamptonshire Joint Planning Unit, a local partnership of Corby, Wellingborough, Kettering and East Northamptonshire councils together with Northamptonshire County Council, was set up to work together to create an overall plan for North Northamptonshire.

The Joint Planning Unit reports to a Joint Planning Committee made up of three elected members from each of the councils.

In November 2005 the JPU issued a consultation document Preferred Options for North Northamptonshire and in February 2007 the Core Spatial Strategy itself. The Core Spatial Strategy covers a range of objectives and issues concerned with the proposed growth; identification of growth areas, transport, environment, etc.

The Core Spatial Strategy document has been submitted to the Government for approval and they have appointed an independent inspector to examine the plan.

Preparations for that examination are taking place now and the inspector should start his review in October 2007.

Land Ownership

There has been a lot of speculation about just how much land Bee Bee have acquired in North Northants and 1,000 acres has been mentioned.

Asking Bee Bee the question has resulted in vague answers but our own research has shown that the Borough Council of Wellingborough own the land included in Bee Bee proposals that immediately surrounds Redhill Grange.

According to the Land Registry, the land enclosed by the Wellingborough North and Pulse Park proposals is subject to 21 titles and the largest of these is two parcels of land, one to the West of the A509 between Niort Way and Great Harrowden and the other to the East of the A509 between the Borough Council of Wellingborough land and Great Harrowden. Interestingly, this land was purchased in 2004 by Northants Limited Liability Partnership, who appear to be associates of Bee Bee, for £1,357,342.
Questions we put to Bee Bee

Q:  We are pleased that as the principal developer you appear to have placed great importance on the quality of the both the built and landscaped environments. How will you therefore ensure these are implemented?

A: We have no doubt these will become conditions of any planning approval and towards this we have selected a pallet of building materials and style of buildings we envisage based on the locality and these should compliment each other. It is essential that we maintain our concept of green open spaces through the use of considerate and strategically placed landscaping.

Q: It is well known that existing public utilities, health and educational infra-structure cannot cope with the existing population so what are your views on this. For example, it appears Anglian Water apparently have no provisions in their current expansion plans for the increased water resources that will definitely be needed.

A: It is essential that the government together with all the local authorities and supply authorities properly face up to their responsibilities and they need to get themselves fully committed as this whole expansion plan cannot happen if these services are not provided.

During this session a solution that could be adopted around the periphery of Redhill Grange was shown with the creation of tree lined corridors between the existing and the new development. The committee were not entirely convinced that this would work and asked for it to be re-appraised during the development of the housing estate design.

The Committee, in case you have forgotten

Chairman Richard Lovett – Appleby Close
Vice Chairman Mike Chislett – Appleby Close
Secretary Sarah Lammin - The Downs
Neil Kipling – The Downs
Francoise Fraiel – The Meadows
Richard Fraiel - The Meadows
Gerry Grey - Fallowfield
Kay Brown – The Meadows

Sharon Wright had to withdraw for personal reasons

To contact the committee either ‘phone Richard L on 673310 or Mike on 676332


In a publication entitled Growing Together prepared by Bee Bee Developments Stakeholder Group they detailed 20 proposed projects in North Northamptonshire so they are thinking big for the area.

No doubt their legal and technical teams will be working on ways of bringing these projects to fruition.

Where do we go from here?

There is a lot happening as the result of the Government’s Regional Spatial Strategy, not least the planned re-shaping of Wellingborough town centre. So, as a committee, we must still be vigilant and continue to monitor events to ensure Redhill Grange’s best interests are not ignored.

Finally, some general points

If you have a problem and don’t know who to contact

Road, Pavement and Street Lighting issues
Call NCC Street Doctor
Tel: 08456 01113

County Council issues
Contact Councillor James Ashton
Tel: 01933 679405
Surgery – 11:00 to 12:00 First Saturday of the month at the 'Well', which is the old Swallow Pub in Nest Farm Crescent.

Borough Council issues
Our three councillors are Bob Patel, Malcolm Waters and Graham Lawman. The best one to contact is Councillor Lawman, who lives locally.
Tel: 01933 679221
Surgery – as Councillor Ashton

Parking on Yellow Lines

Don’t forget, as from 5 th August the Northamptonshire Parking Partnership, through NCP, take over the responsibility for enforcing existing parking regulations and we are told that they will be vigorously enforced. No new parking orders are planned.

Ideas to better the estate

If you have any ideas on how the estate can be better protected or improved our councillors would like to hear them.


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