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June 2008

News Letters

If you value what we have in Redhill Grange today, then read on. If you donít, please consign this Newsletter to your Green bin for recycling.

Upper Redhill Planning Applications WP/2007/0750 & WP/2008/0150

Just to remind you, Bee Bee Developments have submitted two identical planning applications to allow them to have one application being assessed by the Council and the other to be channelled through the Public Enquiry, so we could have quite a battle on our hands.

In the battle so far the Association prompted you to write to the Borough Council to object; hopefully you did so.
If you did not then do it now; Mike will give you the details, e-mail ; Tel 676332.

We are told that the application is to go to the full Council for consideration so the next step is to get Councillors on our side; remember that not all Councillors represent this side of Wellingborough and could be neutral on the issue. To do this we plan to:-

Write to all Borough Councillors to put our case for rejection to them;
we will do that.
Arrange protests outside and inside Council meeting;
we will need your help for that.

The first protest will be at the Borough Council Development meeting on 2nd July 2008. Committee member Neil Kipling is organising the protest and arranging placards so look out for Neilís call to arms.

We were hoping that the Inspector appointed by the Government to assess the North Northants Core Spatial Strategy would back the strategy and provide us with the means to stop Bee Bee Developments planning to build to the East of the A509. Unfortunately, the Inspector concluded:-

It is not the role of the Core Spatial Strategy to identify specific sites but to identify broad locations for strategic development.
The policy relating to Strategic Gaps, e.g. leaving a space between Wellingborough and the Horrowdens, should be deleted.

Thus the Inspector has put the responsibility for the decision on the planning application firmly with the Borough Council which is why we need to focus our current attention on convincing the Officials and Councillors to reject the application.

If we win this battle, inevitably we will be faced with a Public Enquiry and history shows that these generally find in favour of the developer. To counter the professional might that Bee Bee Developments will mount at an Enquiry we will enlist the help of the Town and Country Planning Associationís Planning Aid facility, which was set up to help organisations like ours represent themselves.

An Interesting Aside: The Borough Council allocated the land between Redhill Grange and the Finedon Road Industrial estate for housing on the Wellingborough Town Map review of 1975. We have been informed however that this will not create a precedent as far as BBDs intention to build there is concerned.

Meeting with Peter Bone MP: Four members of the Committee met with Peter Bone in April 2008 to discuss possible future action on the Upper Redhill threat. Peterís advice was arrange a protest meeting and submit a petition to Parliament. As described overleaf, we have taken his advice on a protest meeting but have targeted it at a specific purpose, i.e. convincing the Borough Council of our case.

Loose Horses on the Estate: Following complaints from residents of loose horses roaming in The Banks and Oak View, the Committee took the matter up with the Borough Council. Robert Vaughan, Property Manager responded and attended a Committee meeting to discuss the matter.
Mr Vaughan said that the presence of the horses in the field adjacent to Northen Way was of benefit and the Council were prepared to tolerate them there for the present. To remedy the problem, Mr Vaughan said he would take the matter up with their owner and look at ways to improve the fencing around the field.

Some Committee News

The Committee reluctantly accepted the resignation of Gerry Grey. Gerryís past contribution†has been considerable and his sharp mind and wide experience will be greatly missed.
The Association has received a grant of £500 from the Borough Council.†The money, among other things, will pay for the setting up and running of the Association's web site. Audited accounts will now be presented to residents at the Association's AGM.
The Association has joined the National Organisation of Residents Associations, which aims to provide a forum for member associations to exchange information and experience.
The web site, URL, has been updated to add breaking news so please check it on a regular basis to find out what is going on.

News from the Hemmingwell Safer Community Team

Sergeant Nick Lyall has been appointed to lead the†Team. To contact Nick:
Mobex 6122 ; Mobile 07730 956271

You are asked to please report Antisocial Behaviour, Inconsiderate Parking, etc. to the Team.
Tel 08453 700700, ask for Hemmingwell SCT

Finally a reminder, if you have a problem and donít know who to contact

Road, Pavement and Street Lighting issues
Call NCC Street Doctor
Tel: 08456 01113

County Council issues
Contact Councillor James Ashton
Tel: 01933 679405

Borough Council issues
Our three councillors are Bob Patel, Malcolm Waters and Graham Lawman. The best one to contact is Councillor Lawman, who lives locally.
Tel: 01933 679221

Issued by Mike Chislett, Honorary Secretary June 2008


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