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March 2010

News Letters


Result of the Public Inquiry

As you will be aware from comments in the press and MP Peter Bone's letter, the Secretary of State has agreed to the development application for 3,000 homes, primary schools, centres and commercial facilities on land adjacent and connecting to Redhill Grange. This overrules the decision of your elected Borough Council, who have done as much as they can to prevent it.

The matter is however far from over. This is initial outline planning and Bee Bee Developments do not own all the land applicable. The lack of local infrastructure to support a community of this size, i.e. roads and employment are all aspects which could well be brushed aside in the present economy. This means that the terms of the Government Strategy under which this development was given the go ahead will be breeched. The Public Inquiry brought us a few concessions in respect of the preservation of the wide stretch of ancient hedgerow/trackway alongside the Kettering Road which divides us but we still have to ensure it will be maintained in its entirety and prevent our Redhill Way from being extended into a greater suburb should it proceed.

The real fight is just beginning and your Committee which has been tirelessly working to preserve the environment we have could now do with some fresh help. Initially, it needs a larger membership to cover for illness or absence which has occurred over the past few years. Fresh input ideas and local knowledge are always welcome, or perhaps volunteers who could only help deliver newsletters to other residents. There will be future planning applications to be challenged and also the level of support at Council Meetings is as essential for any future planning applications as the first outline plans, if not more so.

If we want to keep the green areas around Redhill Grange, a community tidy up campaign along the woodland trackway by the Kettering Road is planned for when it is warmer. This is hoped to be a social occasion as well as a publicity event, the date for which will be advised later. If we want to retain the rural environment surrounding the estate as opposed to that of a sprawling urban suburb then we have to play a part in its preservation. Little Harrowden residents have designated an area of their village for a pocket park and the aim is to gain similar status for this.

Thanks to the efforts of Councillor Lawman we are to have an estate notice board to be sited near the post box so this will give more scope for future communication and don't forget the website too is always up-dated with the latest news.

At the last Police Community Panel Meeting for this area it was agreed that the subject of motorbike nuisance would be targeted over the next three month period. If you witness any off road bikes or anyone riding around the estate without the appropriate number plate or youths with pillion passengers/without safety helmets, etc. Councillor Lawman and/or the Police would appreciate details.

The Site Specific Proposals Development Plan Document has been submitted to the Council’s Development Committee for approval and release for public consultation.

The Government’s Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 required the Council to produce a portfolio of different planning documents known as the Local Development Framework; the “Plan” is part of that portfolio.

The Plan is quite contentious as it shows the Council’s ‘preferred options” for the siting of the12,800 dwellings that the Government wants built in Wellingborough by 2021 and has to also take into account the prospect of a further 28,000 additional dwellings needing to be provided between 2021 and 2031.

Before the Plan is to be put out for public consultation, however, it is to be vetted by a small working party from the Development Committee, who will include consulting with Parish Councils and Residents Groups, prior to reporting to the next meeting of the Committee

As Redhill Grange knows to it’s cost, the Plan, which mirrors the Planning Guidance for Wellingborough North Sustainable Urban Extension document issued to guide the Council in determining the Upper Redhill planning application, allocates the area around us for the building of 3,110 dwellings.

Although the approval of outline planning permission for the Upper Redhill development reduces to a degree the applicability of the Plan to Redhill Grange, there are certain statements in it that must be contested, viz:-

Redhill Grange is currently an isolated residential area north of Northern Way, which has few community facilities and is relatively poorly connected to the reminder of the town. It is surrounded by agricultural land and is close to Finedon Road Industrial Estate.

The area to the east of the A509 has been included so that there are opportunities for integrating
the currently isolated Redhill Grange estate into the town. This will increase its sustainability.

Including the land around Redhill Grange will improve the sustainability of this residential area
and the land west of the link road is well contained within the landform.

The Association’s Committee will contest these statements when we are consulted on the Plan but residents must also be prepared to vigorously contest them should they be included in the Plan when it is released for public consultation.

To join the Committee and help us look after your and other residents interests, contact Secretary Sue Suttle:-

Address : 8 The Banks
Telephone : 01933 673784
E-mail :


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