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November 2007

News Letters

Annual General Meeting

Our first Annual General Meeting was held at the Redwell Leisure Centre on Thursday 22nd November 2007. The attendance figures are shown below.

Road Name No. Attended
Appleby Close 7
Fallowfield 13
Grange Road 6
Oak View 4
The Banks 2
The Downs 3
The Fairway 4
The Glade 2
The Meadows 3
The Pastures 2
Total 46

There was no representation from either Gilbey Close or Holme Close, which suggests that we will have to try harder to generate their interest next time.

The Starters

Keith Smith and Lisa Bignall from the Borough Council spoke about the development of a waste strategy for the county and urged residents to play their part by filling in the questionnaire at the back of the “ Let’s talk rubbish” booklet which they provided.

Residents who did not get a copy of the booklet but would like to take part in the survey can print off a copy of the form on line at URL:-

Keith and Lisa answered a wide range of questions on the subject of re-cycling but unfortunately also got diverted into the subject of general waste collection, which was not really relevant to their talk.

Police Community Support Officer Chris Howard spoke of his work with the Hemmingwell Safer Community Team and the positive effect that they were having in reducing crime in the area, the biggest drop being in burglary, 41%.

He said that they will soon be operating a “door knock” strategy on the estate and will literally knock on doors to seek residents opinions so that they can plan how best to serve us.

Chris answered questions on graffiti, speeding and the underpass. He stressed that PCSOs do the most good when they are visible on the beat and are able to talk to residents.
The Business

Chairman Richard Lovett reviewed the last year pointing out that the Association had established links with Bee Bee Developments, the Borough and County Councils, the North Northants Joint Planning Unit, etc. so that the estate’s voice could be heard The Association had also issued two Newsletters which had been delivered to every address on the estate.

An Equal Opportunity Policy document, needed for the Association to qualify for a Borough Council grant, was unanimously approved.

The nominations list for the new committee was put to the meeting for acceptance by a block vote as there was no contention for the positions; it was unanimously approved as follows:-

Richard Lovett - Appleby Close
Mike Chislett - Appleby Close
Sarah Lammin - The Downs
Neil Kipling – The Downs
Francoise Fraiel – The Meadows
Richard Fraiel - The Meadows
Gerry Grey - Fallowfield
Sue Suttle – The Banks
Trevor Tippet – Oak View

Note. Officers to be appointed by the committee.

A lively discussion took place on Bee Bee Development’s planned Upper Redhill development at which it became evident that the resident’s perception of the development depended on who at Bee Bee they spoke to and which version of the plan they were shown. This was obviously unsatisfactory and the Association is to press Bee Bee for definitive plans for the residents to consider further.

The plan overleaf was subsequently provided by Bee Bee and it is only included on the basis of the above. (see plan in image gallery - The Threat)

On the response to Bee Bee’s planning application, it was suggested that the Association should co-ordinate the response when the time came but that objections should be made on an individual basis as they carried more weight.

It was generally considered that the Association taking on a wider role in future could dilute the efforts on it’s main aims and this could be detrimental.

The Finish

County Councillor James Ashton and Borough Councillor Graham Lawman closed the meeting with some lively and interesting exchanges.

The meeting closed at 9:30 p.m.


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