Redhill Grange Community Association

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November 2008

News Letters

With the determination of Bee Bee Developments' Upper Redhill Planning Application due on
the 25th November 2008, it is most important that you attend the

Annual General Meeting

7:30 p.m. Tuesday 18th November 2008
Redwell Leisure Centre

For Starters

An Old Favourite: Police Community Support Officer Chris Howard
Chris and Sergeant Nick Lyall will update you on the work of the Safer Community Team.
Wellingborough North: Borough Council Corporate Director James Wilson
James and members of the Planning Team will talk about the Northern extension of the town and take your questions.


Chairman Piece: Richard Lovett
Minutes of the last AGM and a review of our second year in existence
Things Financial: Honorary Treasure Sarah Lammin
Sarah will present the Association's accounts and ask you to approve them.
Upper Redhill: Bee Bee Developments' planning applications
The next move
Discussion Time: How have we done and where do we go from here?
The floor is yours to tell us if you are happy with the way that the Committee has represented your interests and if it should widen it's scope and take on more responsibilities for the community in which we live.
Election Time: Elect New Executive Committee
Hopefully "The Press" will have done it's work and this course will be ailable

To Finish

Our MP's Campaign: A Report sent by Peter Bone MP*
One of Peter's aides will update us on his campaign against the overdevelopment of Wellingborough.
The Closing Act: Borough Councillor Graham Lawman
Councillor Lawman will introduce himself and make himself available for residents to talk to him after the meeting.

*Note: Peter has arranged to meet to us at 7:30 p.m. at the Leisure Centre on Friday 28th
November 2008, a date not to be missed.

If you have a query about this Agenda then contact Mike at 4 Appleby Close, or
Tel: 01933 676332

Now please compare the following two plans, it is most important.

The first is the plan from the Council's Upper Redhill - Sustainable Urban Extension Report, which is intended to give guidance to the Full Council.
The second is the plan from Bee Bee Developments' Revised Upper Redhill Planning Application, which the Councillor's are to consider.
Perhaps the similarities between the two plans are coincidental but you will have the opportunity at the AGM to quiz James Wilson on the matter. For the sake of the future of this estate, please be there.


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