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October 2007

News Letters

Notice of Annual General Meeting

Our first Annual General Meeting has been scheduled for 7:30 pm at the Redwell Leisure Centre on Thursday 22 nd November 2007.

Please try to attend as not only will it give you the opportunity to hear what your committee has been doing on your behalf over the past year, it will also give residents the chance to exchange views on Bee Bee Developments latest plans for Wellingborough North and Pulse Park. More about these plans later.


Chairman’s Report
Nomination of Committee Members
Guest Speakers
Discussion of Bee Bee Developments’ plans
The way forward

All the active members of the Committee are offering themselves for re-election but if you would like to be nominated to join the committee then please contact Mike, see later for details.

Update on Wellingborough North

An essential date for your diary is:-

4:00 pm until 7:00 pm Wednesday October 31 st 2007 at the Harrowden Golf Club

This will be your first chance to see Bee Bee Development’s revised plans for Upper Redhill, i.e. Wellingborough North, and discuss them with their representatives.

The new plans have changed significantly from their original plans and take into account many of the concerns that we raised at our meetings with them; but let’s not steal their thunder here, go and see the plans for yourselves and draw your own conclusions.

We are advised that that this time they are definitely planning to submit an outline planning application to the Borough Council of Wellingborough so we residents must be ready with our collective response when this happens.

The leaflet advertising the consultation is being distributed by us with this Newsletter; this way there will be no doubt about you receiving it.

Hopefully you will provoke some lively debate at the event
New Football Ground

Under the heading Deal could lead to new stadium an item in the Evening Telegraph dated 9 th October 2007 announced that Bee Bee Developments were to be a major sponsor of Wellingborough Town Football Club.

The item went on to say that the long term goal of the club is to relocate to an area which will also offer community facilities and, although no plans have been formally presented as yet, they are in talks with Bee Bee Developments on this issue.

The ideal new location was said to be somewhere towards the north of the town, where the new housing developments are planned.

The Wellingborough North consultation will provide an ideal opportunity for us to ask Bee Bee Developments just where “somewhere towards the north of the town” is.

Update on Pulse Park

Another essential date for your diary is:-

4:00 pm until 7:00 pm Monday October 22 nd 2007 at the Tithe Barn in Wellingborough

Bee Bee Developments are holding another Public Consultation on their plans for a hi-tech business park sited roughly to the East of the golf club and A509 at Great Harrowden and to the West of the railway.

The development, known as Pulse Park, was announced in last December but the consultation event was so poorly advertised that few people attended.

This time it should be different as, again,
the leaflet advertising the consultation is being distributed by us with this Newsletter.

The last time we met Bee Bee Developments they played down this development so the announcement of the consultation came as a surprise to us.

Core Spatial Strategy for North Northants

The Government have appointed Eric Searle as the Inspector for the Examination in Public of the North Northamptonshire Joint Planning Unit’s Core Spatial Strategy.

The Examination In Public hearing is being held at the Kettering Conference Centre and commences on Tuesday 23 rd October 2007.

Needless to say, all the developers with an interest in the area have submitted their own thoughts on where the Joint Planning Unit has gone wrong and where the developments should actually take place, Bee Bee Developments being no exception.

Gerry Grey will speak on 13 th November 2007 on behalf of the Community Association.

We await the outcome of the Examination In Public with some interest as it may or may not limit Bee Bee Developments’ ambitions in the area.

The Committee

We have had a few changes since our last Newsletter, the active members are listed and all are offering themselves for re-election.

Chairman Richard Lovett - Appleby Close
Vice Chairman and } Mike Chislett -
Acting Secretary } Appleby Close
Treasurer Sarah Lammin - The Downs
Neil Kipling – The Downs
Francoise Fraiel – The Meadows
Richard Fraiel - The Meadows
Gerry Grey - Fallowfield
Kay Brown – The Meadows

We aim to represent the interests of the whole of Redhill Grange but, as you see, we have no active members on the Committee from Grange Road, The Glade, Holme Close, The Banks, Oak View, The Fairway or The Pastures. Thus nominations for Committee membership from residents in these roads would be most welcome. Don’t disappoint Mike; he is waiting for you to contact him at:-

4 Appleby Close
Telephone 01933 676332

Sources of Information

If you want to do some research for yourself the following web site details might be useful.

Bee Bee Developments

Web sites:

North Northamptonshire Joint Planning Unit

Web site:
Some Information from the Borough Council of Wellingborough

Dog bins are available for installation in locations where dog fouling is a problem. Contact the Council for details; Tel 01933 229777.

The Council, tasked with identifying council owned land not being used, have identified a plot of land off Holme Close. Possible options for the plot are seen as an amenity, extensions to gardens or for sale for housing. Contact the Council for details; Tel 01933 229777

Information from Northamptonshire Police

Please report Antisocial Behaviour, Inconsiderate Parking, etc. to the Hemmingwell Safer Community Team.
Tel 08453 700700 and ask for Hemmingwell SCT

Finally, some general points worth mentioning again.

If you have a problem and don’t know who to contact

Road, Pavement and Street Lighting issues
Call NCC Street Doctor
Tel: 08456 01113

County Council issues
Contact Councillor James Ashton
Tel: 01933 679405
Surgery – 11:00 to 12:00 First Saturday of the month at the 'Well', which is the old Swallow Pub in Nest Farm Crescent.

Borough Council issues
Our three councillors are Bob Patel, Malcolm Waters and Graham Lawman. The best one to contact is Councillor Lawman, who lives locally.
Tel: 01933 679221
Surgery – as Councillor Ashton

A final reminder

Bee Bee Developments’ plans for both Upper Redhill and Pulse Park are speculative ventures by a property development company. They are not included in the Local Plan of the Borough Council of Wellingborough nor do they form part of the Core Spatial Strategy for the area, which has yet to be approved by the Government.


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