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October 2008

News Letters

Notice of Annual General Meeting

Our second Annual General Meeting has been scheduled for 7:30 pm at the Redwell Leisure Centre on Tuesday 18th November 2008.

Provisional Agenda

For Starters PCSO Chris Howard
Borough Council officers - see A Chance Not to be Missed below
The Business Chairman's Report
Approval of Annual Accounts
Committee Brief - your chance to tell us what you want
Nomination of Committee Members
To Finish Guest Speaker(s)

A Chance Not to be Missed

Please try your utmost to attend the AGM as Borough Council of Wellingborough Corporate Director James Wilson and members of the Planning team are due to attend to talk about development to the North of Wellingborough and take your questions. It should be a very interesting meeting and well worth your attending. Seats should be in demand so come early to avoid having to stand.

Nomination of Committee Members

Ideally all roads on the estate should have a representative on the Committee as views on a lot of issues depend upon which road you live on and the Committee needs to hear that view. We don't stand on ceremony, so if you would like to speak for your road on the Committee just tell Mike, see later for contact details. The Committee has ten members so, if there is a fight for places, we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

Upper Redhill - Sustainable Urban Extension Report

This report was prepared by BCoW officers to give guidance to the Councillors who would be considering Bee Bee Developments Upper Redhill planning application in the absence of the yet to be published Site Specific Proposals Development Plan Documents.

The Committee took great exception to the following two statements made in the report:-

"Redhill Grange is currently an isolated residential area north of Northern Way, which has few community facilities and is relatively poorly connected to the reminder of the town.

The area to the east of the A509 has been included so that there are opportunities for integrating the currently isolated Redhill Grange estate into the town. This will increase its sustainability by providing more easy access to local facilities."

To record our objection, firstly residents were asked, via our e-mailing mailing list and the web site, to make this objection known to the Chair of the Development Committee, which was due to consider the report. This produced some excellent e-mails which the Chair, Councillor Lora Lawman, passed onto the other members of the Development Committee. Secondly, seven members of the Committee attended the Development Committee meeting and put our objections directly to the Committee.

In the subsequent discussion of the report, the Development Committee referred it back to the officers to make changes and we now await it's re-issue to see if our objections have been acted upon.

Upper Redhill Planning Applications - WP/2007/0750 and WP/2008/0150

In spite of asking the question several times, we have been unable to find out why BBDs' second identical planning application, initially submitted in March 2008, was submitted again in August 2008 (a question for James Wilson at the AGM maybe?). What we have been told however is that the objections submitted against WP/2007/0750 have been carried over to WP/2008/0150.

We have also been told by the BCoW that BBD are in the process of submitting a revision to their original Masterplan and that Ola Duyile of Development Control will be writing to inform all residents on the estate when that time comes.

As it stands at the moment, the Upper Redhill planning application is scheduled to be put to a special meeting of the Full Council on Tuesday 25th November 2008. To equip the Councillors for this task they are to receive training in planning matters and be taken on a site visit. A second meeting of the Full Council, to considerhighways issues,expected to take place in January 2009.

Whether Bee Bee Developments will wait this long for a decision remains to be seen as they have the option of using the second application to appeal to the Government, which would result in a public enquiry.
Town Centre Area Action Plan Development Plan Document

The Pre-Hearing Meeting of the Public Enquiry into the Area Action Plan is to be held at 2.00pm on Wednesday 22nd October 2008 at The Tithe Barn. The Inspector is Eric Searle, who was the Inspector for the Examination in Public of the North Northants Core Spatial Strategy. Vice Chair Sue Suttle has been invited to attend.

National Housing& Planning Advice Unit

We hope to have a meeting in November with the Chief Executive of the National Housing& Planning Advice Unit. These are the people who advised the Government that 3 million new dwellings were required and started the process rolling that put the estate under threat. It should be an interesting meeting.

Some Association News

We have seen a growing number of hits on the web site, URL, and, as a result, the site is appearing higher on the list returned by a Google search.

A Breaking News pages has been added to the web site and residents are urged to visit the site regularly to keep up with the latest events.

We have also added a Services Provided by Residents page to provide free advertising to any resident who provides a service that can be used by other residents; contact Mike for details.

We have written to both the Prime Minister and Secretary of State Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government asking about a compensation package for residents should the Upper Redhill planning application be approved. It will be interesting to see their response.

For the record, the Committee is as follows:
Chairman: Richard Lovett - Appleby Close
Vice Chair: Sue Suttle - The Banks
Honorary Secretary: Mike Chislett - Appleby Close
Honorary Treasurer: Sarah Lammin - The Downs
Webmaster: Graham Mower - Fallowfield
Neil Kipling - The Downs
Francoise Fraiel - The Meadows
Richard Fraiel - The Meadows
Trevor Tippet: - Oak View
Gerry Grey of Fallowfield resigned in April 2008 due to other commitments

To contact Mike on Association matters, e-mail: or telephone 676332

Other Projects Under Consideration

We are looking into providing a Redhill Grange notice board, to be possibly sited near to the telephone and post boxes, to supplement the e-mail mailing list and web site in keeping residents up to date with events.
We are also in the early stages of looking into opening up a section of the ancient roadway from Great Harrowden to Wellingborough to provide a pleasant walkway for residents. Situated between the old and new A509, it is currently overgrown and it's mature trees are being strangled by ivy; a potential amenity going to waste.

Some General Points Worth Mentioning Again.

Hemmingwell Safer Community Team
Sergeant Nick Lyall is now leading the Team. To contact Nick:
Mobex 6122 ; Mobile 07730 956271

You are asked to please report Antisocial Behaviour, Inconsiderate Parking, etc. to the Team:
Tel 08453 700700, ask for Hemmingwell SCT

To Report Road, Pavement and Street Lighting issues
Call NCC Street Doctor Tel: 08456 01113

Our County Councillor
Councillor James Ashton
Tel: 01933 679405 - If no reply then please leave a message with your 'phone number
Surgery - 11:00 to 12:00 First Saturday of the month at
Hemmingwell Community House ,
153 Fulmar Lane ,Wellingborough, NN8 4AY

Our Borough Councillors
Our three councillors are Bhupendra (Bob) Patel, Malcolm Waters and Graham Lawman.
The best one to contact is Councillor Lawman, who lives locally.
Tel: 01933 679221
Surgery - as Councillor Ashton


Ideas to better the estate
If you have any ideas on how the estate can be better protected or be improved then please tell us and we will make sure that our Borough councillors or County councillor hear them.

Issued by the Redhill Grange Community Association c/o 4 Appleby Close, Redhill Grange, Wellingborough NN9 5YN


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