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October 2009

News Letters

October 2009 Newsletter

Notice of Annual General Meeting

Our third Annual General Meeting has been scheduled for 7:30 pm at the Redwell Leisure Centre on Tuesday 17th November 2009.

Provisional Agenda

For Starters

PCSO Helen Gardner
Ian Fearnley,
Wellingborough Neighbourhood Watch
Support Team

The Business
Chairman’s Report
Approval of Annual Accounts
Committee Brief – you chance to tell us what you want
Nomination of Committee

To Finish

Peter Bone MP

Please try your utmost to attend the AGM as the Secretary of State’s decision on the Upper Redhill Public Inquiry is due by the 23 October 2009 and, whichever way he decides; it will no doubt give us plenty to talk about.

Upper Redhill Public Inquiry

TheRedhill Public Inquiry raised several causes for concernthe handling of the Inquiry by the Borough Council of Wellingborough. To quote an example, in his closing statement to the Inquiry,Crean QC, for the Borough Council of Wellingborough and briefed by them, said,reference toRedhill

It would not deliver a well planned SUE (Sustainable Urban Extension) but rather a modern equivalent of the Redhill Grange design fiasco and it would not lead to the form of development which is described in the EIA (Environmental
Impact Assessment)
and advertised widely in the

The Association doubts if many residents of Redhill Grange would describe it so.

We have sought explanation of these issues from the Chief Executive, Mrs Lyn Martin-Bennison but have not been satisfied with the replies received. We hope to meet Mrs Martin-Bennison before the AGM to discuss our concerns and the Council's
response in more detail.

In the meantime we have approached the Local Authority Ombudsman to see if the investigation of such issues is within their remit.

You will receive an update at the AGM

Nomination of Committee Members

Some members of the current Committee, including Mike, the Honorary Secretary, have indicated their intention to stand down at the AGM, so it is imperative that the Association gets some new Committee members to replace them if the
Association is to survive

Ideally all roads on the estate should have a representative on the Committee as views on a lot of issues depend upon which road you live on and the Committee needs to hear that view. We don’t stand on ceremony, so if you would like to speak for your road on the Committee just tell Mike, see later for contact details. The Committee has ten members so, if there is a fight for places, we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

WARNING: If we don’t enough nominations we will have to send out “The Press", so look out, you have been warned.

Redhill Grange Notice Board

The County Council are in the process of raising the necessary permissions for the Redhill Grange notice board to be installed. It will be sited on Redhill Way between the telephone box/post box/bus stop and the entrance to Fallowfield.

At the request of the Borough Council of Wellingborough, the Association sought the views of the 22 residents who live around the area concerned and received one objection, which was passed onto the Council. We can only apologise to the objector but on the basis of the feedback received, it was a case of “motion carried”.

Ancient roadway from Great Harrowden to Wellingborough

We are continuing with our efforts to get permission from the County Council to clear what is possibly the ancient roadway from Great Harrowden to Wellingborough to provide a pleasant walkway for residents. Situated between the old and new A509, it is currently overgrown and it’s mature trees are being strangled by ivy; it is a potential amenity
going to waste.

The Big Tidy Up

Keep Britain Tidy is launching the biggest ever Tidy Up in September 2008 to clear our country of clutter. They say that litter is a big problem but we can all do something about it to help keep England clean and tidy. Keep Britain Tidy’s campaign is set to get the entire country cleaning up so order your free clean-up kit now and get tidying!

Some nameless cad has enrolled the Association in the campaign and Mike has received the clean-up kit. The cad has submitted the date of the Redhill Grange clean-up as
10 October 2009 but, due to other pressures, no member of the Committee is free to organise the task. So, if any resident is of a mind to volunteer please contact Honorary Secretary Mike, who will be only too willing to pass on the pack to you.
For more details about The Big Tidy Up see the web site, URL

Neighbourhood Watch

You may not be aware, but of the twelve roads on Redhill Grange, only Appleby Close and part of
Fallowfield have active Neighbourhood Watch schemes in operation. As residents could possibly view this situation with some concern, we have asked Ian Fearnley, Chairman of the Wellingborough Neighbourhood Watch Support Team, to talk about the benefits of being in the scheme at the AGM.

Web Site News

We have seen a growing number of hits on the web site, URL, and, as a result, the site is appearing higher on the list returned by a Google search. Some 7,972 hits were recorded in June, compared with a more usual 4,000 to 5,000 a month; this was possibly due to interest at the time of the Public Inquiry.

Don’t forget that the web site has a Services Provided by Residents page to provide free advertising to any resident with a web site who provides a service that can be used by other residents; contact Mike for details.

Committee News

The Committee reluctantly accepted Sarah Lammin’s resignation as Honorary Treasurer in August; the new Honorary Treasurer is Ian Brown from The Glade.

Family Work Live Facility

The work on the site off Bradfield Road to relocate traveller Mr Hatfield and his family has started. The planning application, which was submitted by the Borough Council, caused some concern, particularly about the cost. We were told, however, that there would be no cost to the Council as WEAST developer Bovis would be financing the bulk of the cost with the remainder coming from sale proceeds of Saunders Road .

As contentious as the issue may be, we are reminded that the Borough Council, who are members of the Countywide Travellers Unit, does have a legal duty of care under statute for travellers and, in this case, they are forcing Mr Hatfield to move from somewhere he has lived for over 20 years.

County Councillors
Don’t forget that, following the June elections, our Hemmingwell Ward County Councillor is now
Bhupendra (Bob) Patel. Bob sits on the on the Council’s Social Care & Health Scrutiny Committee. Bob can be contacted as follows:- Tel: 01933 673887
Surgery – 11:00 to 12:00 First Saturday of the month at Hemmingwell Community House, 153 Fulmar Lane, Wellingborough, NN8 4AY

It should also be mentioned that the Association’s good friend Borough Councillor Graham Lawman was also successful in the June County Council elections, being elected for the Boughton Green Ward in Northampton. Graham now sits on the Customers and Scrutiny Committee, which includes responsibility for waste and roads.

Our Borough Councillors

“Bob” Patel is still one of our three Borough
Councillors, along with
Malcolm Waters and
Graham Lawman. If you have a problem or want information, the best one to contact is Councillor Lawman, who lives locally.

Tel: 01933 679221
Surgery – as Councillor Patel

Our Honorary Secretary
Mike Chislett can be contacted as follows:-
E-mail (For Preference): Telephone: 01933 676332


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