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Response to WP/2007/075

Response to Applications

Redhill Grange Community Association
9th February 2008

Mr O Duyile
Principle Development Control Officer,
Borough Council of Wellingborough,
Croyland Abbey,
Tithe Barn Road,
Wellingborough NN8 1BJ

Dear Mr Duylie

Re: Planning Application WP/2007/0750 - Upper Redhill Development.

As an Association representing the interests of our residents, we strongly urge the Borough Council of Wellingborough to totally reject this application.

Our Association has had several meetings with Bee Bee Developments about the planning application, which they have submitted in the name of Northants LLP. Our impression as the result of these meetings is that:-

* The proposals have been put together by outsiders who do not understand the nature and character of the area and are largely a textbook exercise.
* There are serious errors in some of the information that their consultants have collected and these have been taken forward into their proposals.
* They are taking for granted that the infrastructure to support the development will be in place in time and lightly dismiss any thought that it might not be.
* There has been no consideration in their proposals of the effect that they will have on the security of this estate.
* There is the assumption that Redhill Grange wants to be attached to Wellingborough, which is not true as most residents came here because it was detached.
* There is the false premise that Redhill Grange should be integrated with the new development, as shown by the positioning of the Neighbourhood centre adjacent to the western side of the estate.
* They claim that they have consulted our residents but in practice that consultation has been superficial.
* There is undue emphasis on elements designed to appeal to current Government thinking.

Our conclusions are that the planning application is fatally flawed and will be so until there is a pragmatic local element introduced into Bee Bee Developments thinking.

In addition to the above, we must strongly object to the timing of the application. The North Northamptonshire Core Spatial Strategy has yet to be approved by the Government and until it is, and the appropriate elements are incorporated into Wellingborough Site Specific Development Plan document, no consideration should be given to any planning application for the area. Bee Bee Developments submission of the application at this time represent a blatant attempt by a speculative property developer to circumvent the formal planning process for their own commercial gain.

Our residentís perception of the secondary objections to the application depends on where they live on the estate and these are probably uppermost in their minds. From the feedback that we have received from them, they have already made these objections known to you and there is therefore no need for them to be repeated here; although as individual residents we will do so separately.

We would however stress one point, the inequitable status in the Core Spatial Strategy of Redhill Grange, effectively a village, with the other villages in the area with respect to coalescence and the provision of a strategic gap.

This inequality was tacitly recognised in the Joint Planning Units Preferred Options for North Northamptonshire document, which showed future growth to the west of the A509 only, and in the Core Spatial Strategy itself, which again shows the direction of further expansion to the north west of Wellingborough only. Expansion in this direction would continue provide Redhill Grange with the necessary strategic gap, separating it from both Wellingborough and giving no encroachment from a northerly/north easterly direction.

We would finally return to the timing of this application, the Core Spatial Strategy specifically states that further expansion of Wellingborough should only take place when Wellingborough East is successfully established. To give Bee Bee Developments approval for the Upper Redhill development at this time would be tantamount to abandoning the formal planning procedures and controls for a laissez-faire approach, which you would surely find totally unacceptable.

Yours sincerely

R A Lovett, Chairman M J Chislett, Honorary Secretary
11 Appleby Close 4 Appleby Close
Redhill Grange Redhill Grange
Wellingborough Wellingborough
Northants NN9 5YN Northants NN9 5YN


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