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Response to WP/2008/0150

Response to Applications

Redhill Grange Community Association
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17th November 2008

Mr M Kilpin
Development Control Team Leader,
Borough Council of Wellingborough,
Croyland Abbey,
Tithe Barn Road,
Wellingborough NN8 1BJ

Dear Mr Kilpin

Re: Further Submission - Planning Applications WP/2007/0750 & WP/2008/0150

We would refer to your letters addressed to all the Owner/Occupiers on Redhill Grange, dated 20th October 2008, and to your letters addressed to the Honorary Secretary of this association, dated 21st October 2008 and 27th October 2008.

Our Association takes the view that the submission of further information/documents/plans by Northants LLP (Bee Bee Developments Ltd) does not materially affect our opposition to the Upper Redhill planning application.

We would therefore request that the previous objections raised by both the Association and individually by the residents of Redhill Grange, be taken into account if and when the applications are determined.

With reference to your letters, our residents found the statement "The application is also available to view on the Council's web site……" totally meaningless as an aid to gaining access to the further information/documents/plans mentioned and a positive disincentive to try to do so.

As far as the further information/documents/plans are concerned, our residents formed the view that they had been hastily prepared to fall into line with the Borough Council's Wellingborough North – Sustainable Urban Extension Report and be available for the 25th November 2008 meeting of the Full Council.

This showed in the difficulty our residents had in relating the contents of the later submission to the original submission, e.g. are the low, medium and high densities shown in Parameter Plan E the same as those shown in Chapter 13 of the Design and Access Statement.

There is also a significant reduction in detail in the later submission documents, e.g. Fig 37, The Urban Framework Plan, in Chapter 10 of the Design and Access Statement clearly shows the road interface between Redhill Grange and the Upper Redhill development whereas there is no equivalent plan in the later submission in spite of the significant changes.

To sum up, our residents were disappointed that the Borough Council saw fit to release the submission documents for consultation when they are clearly deficient.

Yours sincerely

R A Lovett, Chairman
11 Appleby Close
Redhill Grange

M J Chislett, Honorary Secretary
4 Appleby Close
Redhill Grange

Wellingborough NN9 5YN

Copies to: James Wilson, Corporate Director, BCoW
Olawale Duyile, Principal Planning Officer, BCoW
Councillor Graham Lawman, Hemmingwell Ward
Councillor Malcolm Waters, Hemmingwell Ward
Councillor Bhupendra Patel, Hemmingwell Ward


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